My Husband Is Okay With My Guy Best Friend


I fulfilled my friend when I was 19 years of ages. We were young and living our finest lives in New York City. I was pursuing a profession as a dancer and he was making his method into the music market as a manufacturer. We struck it off as pals from the first day, and he has actually resembled a sibling from another mom since. And now we have actually been doing this good friend thing for over 22 years.

We essentially found out how to adult together. He was there for me through numerous relationships and breaks up, and he rooted for me when I succumbed to my hubby. For many years, as life has actually taken place, we have actually just gotten closer —– and my hubby has actually been fine with our relationship every action of the method.

Before you go presuming, my partner is not a piece of cake in any capability. I confess to being an extremely persistent lady, and I require a strong character to stabilize that. When I am being a discomfort in the butt are some of the primary factors I chose to wed him, and his self-confidence and capability to call me out. Not to point out, he was the one person that my friend liked from the very start.

The thing is, I am simply the sort of woman that has actually constantly had man pals. Individuals tend to believe that suggests I put on’’ t like’ladies, however that ’ s simply not real. I remained in a sorority in high school, I coped with 2 other ladies back when I was single, and I went salsa dancing every weekend with the exact same group of girls for several years. Even now I have a group of remarkable sweethearts, I enjoy taking ““ woman journeys, ” and I belong to a number of mother groups. I am not the type that can’’ t get along with females.


There was simply something about me and my finest man buddy that clicked right from the start. It began with him providing to get me some food the very first day we satisfied, and I understood we might a minimum of be foodie buddies. The next thing I understood we were partying together, functioning as each other’’ s wingman and supporting each other through profession modifications and relationships.

I am a heterosexual female and he is a heterosexual man. Over the 20-plus years we have actually been hanging together, there has actually never ever been anything sexual in between us … not even a kiss. I speak with him nearly daily and we inform each other ““ I like you ” … well, it ’ s more like “ love ya, ” however you understand. When I required him, I took a trip throughout the nation to be with him throughout his chemo treatments and he has actually been there for me.

We resemble any same-sex set of friends. What do we do when we hang out? Shop, consume great deals of great food, laugh and watch bad TELEVISION. He understands me much better than anybody and I can constantly rely on him for his sincere viewpoint, even if it’’ s not what I wish to hear. And we have actually been through a lot together: sweethearts, sweethearts, marital relationship, kids, divorce and even cancer.

We inform each other essentially whatever and we will permanently support each other no matter what. And besides, who much better to bitch about your spouse to than your friend? One distinction with a person pal is I get the perk of a truthful male viewpoint I understand I can hellip &rely on; so it’’ s a win-win for me.

How does my partner feel about this? The good news is, he isn’’ t the envious type and none of this fazes him at all. To him, my finest man good friend is no various than any of my sweethearts. Do they understand each other? Naturally. Are they close? Nope. Do all of us hang out together? Not.

.Due to the fact that I do not have things in my marital relationship, #ppppp> And it is not. My spouse is among my preferred individuals on the planet and we share a delighted life together. When I require it, he is the very first individual I desire to share my great news with and the shoulder I sob on. We can keep up into the wee hours of the night talking about all examples and in some cases I enjoy simply being in silence with him doing our own thing together.

But my other half and I have actually constantly been relatively independent individuals. We have actually never ever been the couple who is continuously connected at the hip. It has actually constantly been essential to us to have social lives beyond our relationship. I have good friends that he doesn’’ t socialize with and he has pals– consisting of ladies —– that I put on’’ t socialize with. And we are both fine with that.

I understand a great deal of individuals in heterosexual relationships aren’’ t comfy with their partners having friends of the opposite sex, and I get it. It’’ s not the standard. I suggest, every other rom-com has to do with male/female buddies lastly falling in love. And we have actually been configured to think that is difficult to have platonic relationships with the opposite sex … however that is simply not real.

My partner and I rely on each other. We have a healthy, flourishing relationship that I think is served well by the reality that we are not entirely depending on each other or up under each other 24/7. If you believe no other half must have to put up with their other half having a male finest pal, we can concur to disagree. Due to the fact that at the end of the day my other half is alright with it —– which’’ s all that matters to me.


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